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Melton optoelectronics co.,LTD is a set research and development,production,sales,servie as one of the LED display high-thchenterprises. company`s main door inside and outside the full color LED display screen,supporting all kinds of iron aluminum, chemicl fiber,such as housing.in the small distance between hd display and outdoor highlighted the domestic leading thchnology. Quality system is perfect,awarded"ISO9001,3C,14001,The FCC,CE,ROHS"such as quality managament system certification. the rationality of the company in led display,energy conservation has made a number of patent certification,to create high-quality products,as wellas the advantage development laid a solid foundation. Products are widely used in transportation,hotels,shopping mall,outdoor media,leasing,enterprises and institutions,education,news release,outdoor advertising media,bank securities,airport station,entertainment and other fields. at present,the company products all over more 150 countries or economy area.we sincerely invite global strategic partner. ...

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